Beer By The Can


Beck's, German Pilsener; 5% ABV. (Germany)
Young's Double Chocolate Stout, Sweat Stout; 5.2% ABV. (UK)
Red Stripe, American Adjunct Lager; 4.7% ABV. (Jamaica)
Tyskie, Euro Pale Lager; 5.6% ABV. (Poland)
Carlsberg, German Pilsener; 5% ABV. (Denmark)
Bitburger, German Pilsener; 4.8% ABV. (Germany)
Konig Pilsener, German Pilsener; 4.8% ABV. (Germany)
Pilsner Urquell, Czech Pilsener; 4.4% ABV. (Czech Republic)
Heineken, Heineken Lite, Euro Pale Lager; 3.3 and 5% ABV. (Netherlands)
Boddingtons, English Pale Ale; 4.7% ABV. (UK)
Strongbow, English Cider; 5% ABV. (England)
Warsteiner Pilsener, German Pilsener; 4.5% ABV. (Germany)
Corona & Corona Light (Mexico)
Tecate Lager, American Adjunct Lager; 4.5% ABV. (Mexico)
Dos Equis Lager, American Adjunct Lager; 4.7% ABV. (Mexico)
Modelo, American Adjunct Lager; 4.4% ABV. (Mexico)
Molson Golden, American Pale Lager; 5%ABV. (Canada)
Tennets Lager, Euro Pale Lager; 5% ABV. (UK)
DAB, Munich Lager; 5% ABV.  (Germany)
Newcastle Brown Ale, English Brown Ale; 4.7% ABV. (UK)
Kostritzer Schwarbier, Black Lager; 4.8% ABV. (Germany)
Murphys Irish Stout, Irish Dry Stout; 4% ABV. (Ireland)
Wexford Irish Cream Ale, Cream Ale; 5% ABV. (UK)
BellHaven Scottish Ale, Scottish Ale; 5.2% ABV. (Eunbar, East Lothian)
Einbecker Pilsner, German Pilsener; 4.9% ABV. (Germany)
Okocim, German Pilsener; 7% ABV. (Poland)
Wittekerke, Witbeir; 5% ABV. (Belgium)
Lefebvre Blanche De Bruxelles, Witbier; 4.5% ABV. (Belgium)

Domestic Cans
Pabst (PBR)
MGD & MGD Light
Miller High Life
Coors Light
Bud & Bud Light
Leinenkugel's Original
Rolling Rock
Bush Light
Old Milwaukee 16oz.
Point Special 16oz.
Sconnie Lager 16oz.
Blatz Cans
O'Douls Amber N.A.
Sharp's N.A.

Craft Cans

Milwaukee Brewing, Flaming Damsel; Munic Hells Lager 5.1% ABV.
New Belgium Shift Pale Lager; American Pale Lager 5% ABV.
Point Classic Amber; American Amber 4.7% ABV.
Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat; Sweet Stout 5% ABV.
Tallgrass Brewery, Buffalo Sweat; Sweat Stout 5% ABV.
Oskar Blues Brewery, Old Chub; Scotch Ale 8% ABV.
Anderson Vally Brewery, Hop Ottin IPA; American IPA 7% ABV.
Tallgrass Brewery, Oasis; Imperial IPA 7.2% ABV.
Oskar Blues Brewery, Deviant Dales IPA; American IPA 8% ABV.
Milwaukee Brewing, Louie's Demise; Red Ale 4.38% ABV.
Point Brewery, Cascade Pale Ale; American Pale Ale 5.4% ABV.
Tallgrass Brewery, 8-Bit; American Pale Ale 5.2% ABV.
Joseph James Brewery, Fox Tail Gluten Free Pale Ale; American Pale Ale 5% ABV.
Bigsky Brewery, Moosedrool; American Brown Ale 5.3% ABV.
Anderson Valley Brewery, Boont Amber Ale; Red Ale 5.8% ABV.
Capital Brewery, Island Wheat; Wheat Ale 4.2% ABV.
Sierra Nevada Brewery, Torpedo IPA; American IPA 7.2% ABV.
New Belgium Brewery, Ranger; American IPA 6.5% ABV.
Finches Brewery, Threadless IPA; American IPA 6% ABV.
Oskar Blues Brewery, Mama's Little Yella Pills; Czech Pilsner 4.4% ABV.
Capital Brewery, US Pale Ale; Wheat Ale 5% ABV.
Milwaukee Brewing, Oh-Gii; Witbier 9.2% ABV.
Bigsky Brewery, Trout Slayer; Wheat Ale 4.7% ABV.
Leinenkugel's Brewery, Honey Weiss; Witbier 4.9% ABV.
Point Brewery, Nude Beach; American Wheat Ale 5% ABV.
Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy; Fruit Beer 4.2% ABV.
Leinenkugel's Brewery, Berry Weiss; Fruit Beer 4.7% ABV.
Leinenkugel's Brewery, Orange Shandy; Fruit Beer 4.2% ABV.
Leinenkugel's Brewery, Berry Shandy; Fruit Beer 4.2% ABV.

Malt Beverages
Mike's Hard Lemonade
Smirnoff Ice
Mike's Raspberry Tea